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Model ETU40 Turbo Gear Drive

Original manufacturer Peniger Maschinenfabrik
Used for Compressors
Rating / Motor rating 625 kW
Design factor / Factor KA 1.2
Driving speed Compressor: 1,470 rpm
Turbine: 9,063 rpm
Transmission ratio 6.147
Output speed 1,470 rpm
Bearings fitted Plain journal bearings
Weight of gear drive unit 2,600 kg; separate oil reservoir 450 kg

Replacement Variant Model ETU 40-1 Turbo Gear Drive

Rating 625 kW
Factor KA 1.5
Driving speed 9,063 rpm
Transmission ratio 6.147
Bearings fitted Special plain journal bearings
Weight of gear drive unit approx. 2,600 kg

The ETU 40-1 replacement gear drive meets the latest state-of-engineering requirements. It is equipped with specially selected plain journal bearings, and new electronic instruments are fitted for monitoring and control. The gear drive unit comes with a separate oil reservoir and pumps.

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