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Vakoma GmbH develop, design and install compressors, vacuum pumps, gear drive units, and steam pumps.


  • High-pressure Compressors and Small Compressors
  • Compressors for Permanent Mounting
  • Compressor Units
  • Compressor Installations
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Vacuum pumps

Reciprocating vacuum pumps are used to (i) produce a vacuum for distillation and evaporating apparatus, for drum filters, condensing and drying units, (ii) aerate the mash in yeast production, (iii) draw gases through liquids, (iv) evacuate suction lines in waterworks, (v) deliver bulk materials by air drawn in, and (vi) for pneumatic tube conveyors and impregnating lines. Read more

Reciprocating Steam Pumps

Duplex steam pumps, while being particularly suited for boiler feed service and filling of tanks or vessels, are advantageously put to use in the oil and chemical industries as well as in shipbuilding. Other common applications of duplex steam pumps include mines or construction sites where they can also be operated with compressed air. Read more

Gear Drive Units - will be executed by MDM Mega Drive

  • Rotary-kiln gear drive units
  • Mill gear drive units
  • Turbo gear drive units
  • Other gear drives
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Products we manufacture are put to use in all branches of industry. The list of references is long. Our customers include renowned companies, e.g. ... Read more

General terms

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