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VAKOMA - A company history since 1869

The years between 2000 and now


Shareholder of the company changes again and the business relocates to 9 Olvenstedter Chaussee in Magdeburg, a site which provides enough space for future developments. The new owner, as per the certificate of registration dated October 24th is Mr Gerhard Krossing.


VAKOMAŽ is trademarked for the first time.  


With A4 high-pressure compressors as key products, the range is extended again to include vacuum pumps, small-size compressors and, a novelty, equipped with control systems


A representative office abroad for Cuba and the Caribbean is appointed by way of co-operation with the firm "Achse" in Havanna.


Given the range so extended, the company name is changed to Vakoma GmbH. Production of heavy vacuum pumps rated 4,000 m³/h is successfully launched.


The developed control systems are found to give reliable service in everyday operations, being widely applied in the revamping of compressor stations. A long-term contract is concluded with Deutsche Bahn AG to upgrade comprehensive compressor stations.


Development of spur-gear or planetary-gear units is a new product added to the range, with production re-organised. Newly developed gear units are delivered. A representative office abroad for the EU country Poland is appointed by way of co-operation with the firm "Energotech" in Warsaw.


Development capacity for gear units is clearly expanded to meet all demands and design engineering needs to expanded to cope with complex drive systems solutions as a result of market demands. The company becomes a member of the industrial association VDMA (Verband deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.; German Engineering Association).


Tried and tested products are further improved as systematic digitising of engineering drawings continues. Methods of virtualisation of project solutions for furnace and mill gear units are developed through co-operation with Fraunhoferinstitut. Replacements for a varied range of large mill gear units are designed, manufactured and delivered.


A boost in personnel in the project management team is the result of growing demands and the challenge to ensure that technical advisory on-site services can be provided abroad. A longer-term research project in gear manufacturing is being tackled. The company becomes a member of Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (Research Association for Drive Technology)


A wide range of industrial equipment is delivered to Cuba and Ukraine.
Conceptual design and delivery of major pneumatic equipment (rated 4 MW) with control system to Kazakhstan on a co-operation basis.
Development, manufacture and delivery of turbo gear drive systems: RUAV 56; A40; AM 20.


First field use of all-new VAKOMA Type 2535V-4 gear drive systems as complete adaptive renewal units for D3500 gearboxes in Uzbekistan.
A new technology is developed to rehabilitate Russian Type A2800 two-way gear drive units which, while obviating the need for the current torque sharing, substitutes state-of-the-art involute teeth for the Novikov teeth.
Conceptual design, development and manufacture of a job-to-job precision-boring-of-inside-diameters machine tool for rehabilitation technology.
Delivery of initial wheel sets with involute teeth for A2800 gear drives to be rehabilitated in Uzbekistan.
Introduction of job-to-job high-accuracy laser measuring equipment for gauging of machines, machine tools and gear drives.


Preparation of major capital investments adapted to enhance production capacity.
Re-organisation and expansion of sales and marketing.
The job-to-job precision-boring-of-inside-diameters machine tool is developed for application of a utility model and for filing an application for patent, while being constantly improved.
VAKOMA ranks second in the "Saxony-Anhalt 2012 Export Trade Contest", receiving an award from Magdeburg's mayor, Dr Lutz Truemper for 'employing and training skilled personnel rather than letting them move away.
Strategic co-operation is agreed with major customers in the cement industry.


Given an increasing demand for advanced VAKOMA drive solutions, the company undergoes a rapid growth, with the workforce increasing substantially so as to cope with the implementation of large-scale projects.
Production of new VAKOMA Type 2535V-3 gear drives starts for first-ever field use to adaptively replace A2800 gear units in Kazakhstan.
Due to a strong demand among customers, the range of products and model configurations in the gear and drive systems field is becoming ever larger.
VAKOMA Production GmbH starts construction to build a new, advanced production facility in Magdeburg.
Relaunch of website www.vakoma.de

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