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Manufacture of prototypes and their trialling on test beds reveals whether or not the contemplated parameters of the designs developed have been reached or further adjustments would be necessary.

A continuous improvement process is pursued in which the experienced gathered is then incorporated into the products, thus guaranteeing optimum results for field use.

As a matter of principle, Vakoma test every machine prior to its delivery ex works to make sure sure that the parameters achieved with the prototypes are as intended, and relevant records are kept. A certificate to DIN EN 10204, where required, is then issued and submitted to the customer.

Development & Design

Vakoma have ample experience in the development and design of machinery Read more

Plant Engineering

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Component Design

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Project Management

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3D Designs available today as helpful techniques allow us to offer all-new solutions to installation, service and repair. VAKOMA are prepared to furnish their customers with such key solutions so as to facilitate their tackling of technical issues. Read more

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