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Development & Design

Vakoma boast ample experience in the development and design of machinery It is through mopping up trends from the market, outcome of own research, or customers' specific requirements that VAKOMA are again and again facing new and challenging tasks in development and design.

Focussing on essentials, combined with experience while incorporating the latest design techniques, enables VAKOMA to develop, design and manufacture marketable products, or improve traditional products, within a short period of time.

Thus, it was also possible in recent years to clearly improve drive technology and make marketable a number of noticeable adaptive substitute designs for drives of cement works.

In developing complex installations and plants, VAKOMA co-operate in a network with specialist companies, drawing on advanced software.

VAKOMA would be pleased to also make their expertise available to your projects or tasks.

Plant Engineering

Complex tasks consistently dictate a need for finding adequate solutions! This is specifically true in plant engineering. Therefore, Vakoma have for years continuously expanded their capability range, offering systems rather than machinery alone. Read more

Component Design

An optimum overall solution would ultimately be found in terms of details at any rate! Therefore, Vakoma give top priority to component design. Read more

Project Management

The start of a project, while often going undetected, needs to be identified and properly taken in! Read more


3D Designs available today as helpful techniques allow us to offer all-new solutions to installation, service and repair. VAKOMA are prepared to furnish their customers with such key solutions so as to facilitate their tackling of technical issues. Read more


Manufacture of prototypes and their trialling on test beds reveals whether or not the contemplated parameters of the designs developed have been reached, or further adjustments would be necessary. Read more

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