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VAKOMA - A company history since 1869

The years between 1869 and 1930


On February 1st, the company which later was to become VAKOMA® was founded under the name of "Koch, Bantelmann & Paasch" in Magdeburg. Products made ranged from elbows to valves and through to most varied types of compressors, large steam engines and vacuum pumps.


Extension of the buildings to provide added production capacity.


Purchase of the adjacent "Brauerei Kühne" (brewery). Its building is converted for dispatch of goods, thus becoming the oldest building of the business as it was erected as early as 1864.


Start of the production of duplex pumps.


Purchase of further premises, enabling the business to assume its final face.


Change of legal form to become a limited partnership with now six partners.


During the Great Depression Vakoma starts to co-operate with the pump manufacturing firm "Klein, Schanzlin & Becker".

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