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VAKOMA - A company history since 1869

The years between 1990 and 2000


On 1st March 1990, VAKOMA is granted legal independence again by registering in the commercial register, based on the Trust Act.

The firm is privatised to S. Schumacher GmbH. The pressure die casting foundry is legally outsourced and consequently independent.



The family of small-size compressors is re-engineered and patented, and substantial parts are marketed via the company "Elektra Beckum" of Meppen. The product lines such as high-pressure compressors and vacuum pumps are continued. Because of market shifts, steam-pump production is discontinued and production of piston vacuum pumps suffers decisively.


Fifty percent of the company is sold to M. Feldhoff- Industrie- u. Wirtschaftsberatungsgesellschaft in Gummersbach. The remaining stakes go to the sons Peter and Volker Schumacher at 25% each.


Relief check valves are developed, produced, and marketed internationally, under an Odendahl licence taken out.


Due to economic setbacks suffered, also associated with the insolvency of "Elektra Beckum" and licensing disputes, the company declares itself bankrupt.


A fresh start is ventured by employees with the spin-off of VAKOMA Hochdruckverdichter GmbH.


Shareholder of the company changes again and the business relocates to 9 Olvenstedter Chaussee in Magdeburg, a site which provides enough space for future developments. The new owner, as per the certificate of registration dated October 24th is Mr Gerhard Krossing.

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