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Reciprocating steam pumps

Reciprocating steam pumps 2PDH 150/120 Z Duplex steam pumps are preferably used in applications where electrical energy is not available or cannot be resorted to for specific reasons.

Duplex steam pumps, while being particularly suited for boiler feed service and filling of tanks or vessels, are advantageously put to use in the oil and chemical industries as well as in shipbuilding. Other common applications of duplex steam pumps include mines or construction sites where they can also be operated with compressed air.

Control of the live steam valve allows steam pumps to be matched to the prevailing conditions. The pump type is chosen as a function of the required pumping capacity as well as the properties, specifically the temperature of the pumped fluid.

Offers for steam pumps and spare parts for such pumps are prepared upon request only.

Model 2 PDH 150/120-Z Horizontal direct-acting reciprocating steam pump

Development of a series of non-lubricated steam pumps is in hand.

Reciprocating steam pumps 2PDH 150/120 Z

Technical Specifications

Stroke length, mm 150
Pump piston diameter, mm 120
Steam piston diameter, mm 180
Delivery, m³/h 25
Pump discharge pressure, bar 20
Steam pressure, bar 16
Number of double strokes per minute 68 (cold water)
Steam consumption, kg/h 600 (at max. capacity)
Indicated power, kW 136
Useful power, kW 126,5
Steam admission, mm 32 NW
Steam exhaust, mm 40 NW
Suction nozzles, mm 80 NW
Length, mm 1.200
Width, mm 520
Height, mm 980
Weight, kg 393
Further types of construction available subject to inquiry.

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