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Model DD3170 Rotary-Kiln Gear Drive Unit

Original manufacturer GDW, SKET
Used for 4.0 m dia. x 110 m Rotary kiln
Rating / Motor rating 180 kW
Design factor / Factor KA 1.62 (no standardised design method)
Driving speed 960 rpm
Transmission ratio 192.2
Bearings fitted Plain journal bearings
Weight of gear drive unit Complete with external bearing, auxiliary drive (without motor) 57.000 kg
Rehabilitation capability of the original gear drive High expenditure; hardened and tempered teeth; re-design necessary.
Previous gears not designed to meet fatigue strength requirements for higher rating.

Proposed Substitute:
Vakoma 317V-4N Gear Drive Unit

Rating 250/386 kW
Factor KA 2.0 (designed to DIN 3990 Teil 11)
Driving speed 980/1,500 rpm
Transmission ratio 192.0
Bearings fitted Antifriction bearings
Weight Complete with separate external bearing and auxiliary drive, without motors approx. 30,000 kg

Drive configurations for higher kiln speeds can be designed and manufactured upon request.

Potential replacement with heavy-duty gear drive unit that comes with gears designed to meet fatigue strength requirements. Antifriction bearings designed for > 60,000 h (approx. 8 years). Mounting on foundation and ring-gear guarding need to be co-ordinated.

DD3170 Original drawingDownload PDF-file
Vakoma 317V-4N OutlineDownload PDF-file

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