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Model A2800 Mill Gear Drive Unit

Variant 1: Vakoma 2535V-3 Gear Drive Unit as a Complete Replacement Solution Using an Adapter Frame as a Substitute for Existing A2800 Gear Drives.

Rating 1,250 kW
Driving speed 750 rpm
Transmission ratio 36,5395
Note Three-stage. Antifriction bearings. Teeth hardened and ground.
VAKOMA 2535V-3 OutlineDownload PDF-file

Variant 2: Rehabilitation of the 'Lines' of Bores of the A2800 Gearcase so as to Correct the Physical Shaft Locations.

Photo Documentation of Vakoma Rehabilitation of A2800 Gear Drive

Following the proposed rehabilitation, the A2800 gearcase would house one complete set of gears (shaft, gear, pinion) less. Yet, the torque required will be transmitted without deficiency due to use of advanced materials, with less mass moved, entailing durable energy and oil savings. Read more

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