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VAKOMA - A company history since 1869

The years between 1869 and 1930

On February 1st, the company which later was to become VAKOMA® was founded under the name of "Koch, Bantelmann & Paasch" in Magdeburg. Products made ranged from elbows to valves and through to most varied types of compressors, large steam engines and vacuum pumps.

Start of the production of duplex pumps.

The years in detail

The years between 1930 and 1946

During the Great Depression Vakoma starts to co-operate with the pump manufacturing firm "Klein, Schanzlin & Becker".

Despite tremendous destruction experienced throughout the city, the factory at 6 Weststraße in the Magdeburg district of "Buckau" remains largely preserved.

With the repair of steam engines, compressors, pumps and valves, production is gradually resumed after the war.

The years in detail

The years between 1946 and 1990

The factory is expropriated by the Soviet occupying power and becomes part of the new VEB "Einheit" (nationally owned company).

Jointly with VEB Buntmetallguss of Magdeburg, VAKOMA manages to spin off from the forced association, to then work under the name of "VEB Vakuumpumpen- und Kompressorenbau Magdeburg".

New products, including the duplex steam pump, are developed and included in the range. Piston vacuum pumps are substantially developed further.

Further development and manufacture of Type A4 four-stage high-pressure compressors.

A family of small-size compressors is developed in co-operation with the manufacturer Kompressorenbau Benneckenstein, and production commences.

The years in detail

The years between 1990 and 2000

On 1st March 1990, VAKOMA is granted legal independence again by registering in the commercial register, based on the Trust Act.

Relief check valves are developed, produced, and marketed internationally, under an Odendahl licence taken out.

A fresh start is ventured by employees with the spin-off of VAKOMA Hochdruckverdichter GmbH.

The new owner, as per the certificate of registration dated October 24th is Mr Gerhard Krossing.

The years in detail

The years between 2000 and now

Vakoma is trademarked for the first time.

With A4 high-pressure compressors as key products, the range is extended again to include vacuum pumps, small-size compressors and, a novelty, equipped with control systems.

A representative office abroad for Cuba and the Caribbean is appointed by way of co-operation with the firm "Achse" in Havanna.

Production of heavy vacuum pumps rated 4,000 m³/h is successfully launched.

Development of spur-gear or planetary-gear units is a new product added to the range, with production re-organised.

The company becomes a member of the industrial association VDMA (Verband deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.; German Engineering Association)

The company becomes a member of Forschungsvereinigung Antriebstechnik (Research Association for Drive Technology).

New VAKOMA gear drive unit as a fully adaptive replacement for D3500 gear drives.
New technology designed to rehabilitate Russian Type A2800 two-way gear drives.
Concepted, developed and manufactured a job-to-job precision-boring-of-inside-diameters machine tool for the rehabilitation technology.
Introduced job-to-job high-accuracy laser gauging equipment to gauge machinery and gear drive units.

Filed an application for a patent for the job-to-job precision-boring-of-inside-diameters machine tool.
VAKOMA came in second in the contest for the Saxony-Anhalt 2012 Foreign Trade Award.
Pursued strategic co-operation with new major customers in the cement industry.

Production for first-ever field use of new VAKOMA gear drives as an adaptive replacement for A2800 gear drive units.
Extended the portfolio of products and variants in the field of gear drives and drive systems technology.
Commenced construction for a new production facility.

The years in detail

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