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VAKOMA - A company history since 1869

The years between 1946 and 1990


With the repair of steam engines, compressors, pumps and valves, production is gradually resumed after the war.


The factory is expropriated by the Soviet occupying power and becomes part of the new VEB "Einheit" (nationally owned company) incorporating VEB Buntmetallguss, VEB Vakuumpumpen- und Kompressorenbau Magdeburg, VEB Muehlenbau Magdeburg, VEB Ofen- und Herdbau, and VEB Transportgeraetebau.


Jointly with VEB Buntmetallguss of Magdeburg, VAKOMA manages to spin off from the forced association, to then work under the name of "VEB Vakuumpumpen- und Kompressorenbau Magdeburg".


Export operations are resumed. In particular, Type VP-R 250 vacuum pumps are exported. Production processes are clearly improved and machinery upgraded.


VEB Buntmetallguss is taken over by Vakoma at the end of 1957 as No. II Works.


New products, including the duplex steam pump, are developed and included in the range. Piston vacuum pumps are substantially developed further, specifically the HS and HL Series, which also exported on a large scale.


Founding of the combine Pumpen und Verdichter Halle, with VEB Vakuumpumpen- und Kompressorenbau Magdeburg incorporated. The latter thus, loses its legal independence. Further businesses in the combine are Pumpenwerk Halle, Zwickauer Maschinenfabrik, Pumpenfabrik Oschersleben, and Pumpen- und Geblaesewerk Leipzig.

Further development and manufacture of Type A4 four-stage high-pressure compressors, i.e. special-duty compressors for isolators and circuit-breakers in substation service, starts after take-over of Geraer Kompressorenbau. They are used in large numbers, over 3,000 units, in the G.D.R. and in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Cuba, and later also in Egypt and Pakistan, as well as in other countries, where they are still performing their duty to a considerable extent until today.


A family of small-size compressors is developed in co-operation with the manufacturer Kompressorenbau Benneckenstein, and production commences. Building a new pressure die casting foundry was a prerequisite. The small-size compressors enable complete plants to be broadly packaged for a varied spectrum of applications.


On 1st March 1990, VAKOMA is granted legal independence again by registering in the commercial register, based on the Trust Act.

The firm is privatised to S. Schumacher GmbH. The pressure die casting foundry is legally outsourced and consequently independent.

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